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Chapter One

1. What dichotomy does the author create through her comparison of cows to people?
2. What does the iron fence "say"?
3. Who owned the touch-me-not cottage?
4. According to the author, why had Winnie never been curious about exploring the woods?
5. What is located near the giant ash tree?
6. Although we are not told, suggest reasons why it may have been a disaster if the spring had been discovered by people.
Vocabulary: trod, tangent, ambled, fringes, meadow, blurred, tranquil, bovine, contemplation, infinite, veered, dissolved, oppressive, meager, forlorn, humbly, accessible, isolation, core, axis
Enrichment: This chapter discusses the concept of land ownership. Describe the author's feelings about it and then express your own feelings concerning land ownership. Discuss some alternatives to the present form of land ownership. How did the aboriginal peoples treat the ownership of land? Outline the problems we might face if the concept of land ownership was suddenly revoked or disallowed by the government.
Design a title page for your notebook. Create and illustrate a book slip or cover for your novel. Create and illustrate a bookmark for Tuck Everlasting and use it.