Welcome to Science 6
This year we will be learning about Trees and Forests, Air and Aerodynamics, Flight, Sky Science, and Evidence and Investigation.
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Course Outline for Science 6
Science 1-6: Programs of Study, Alberta Education

HubbleSite: Out of the ordinary...out of this world!
National Geographic for Kids (Photos, Videos, Games, Animals, Stories, Activities, etc)!
Kids Love2Learn Science: Trees and Forests, Air and Aerodynamics, Flight, Sky Science, Evidence and Investigation
Discovery Kids (Tons of fun games!)
The Thrill of Flight (Brush up on your knowledge about airplanes, helicopters, gliders, Bernoulli, etc - a fun way to study!)
best paper airplane in the world instructions
Flight - list of websites
Trees and Forests - list of websites
Aeronautics classroom activities
Principles of Aeronautics for Beginners
Los Alamos National Laboratory (advanced science research website: astrophysics, nuclear energy, supercomputing, infrasonic, nanotechnology, etc. -- for the major science buffs!)
NASA - (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
NASA for Students
Planet Earth Entire Series BBC: Discovery Education
KCTS9 website
Science Toolkit by AOISystems

Science Alberta: Science Crates

How It's Made:
Season 9 Episode 1 (solid tires, cheesecake, canoe paddles, globes)
Season 9 Episode 2 (boomerangs, charcoal grills, pinball machines, strobe lamps)
Season 9 Episode 3 (steel wool, range ovens, carved candles, slot machines)
Season 9 Episode 4 (CCD semiconductors, airline meals, paper cups, trumpets)
Season 9 Episode 5 (padlocks, hairclippers, wooden clogs, synthetic leather)
Season 9 Episode 6 (racing shells, stainless steel sinks, leather, pedal steel guitars)
Season 9 Episode 7 (swords, pontoons, grandfather clocks, fuses)
Season 9 Episode 8 (bumpers, lighting gels and camera filters, steam powered models, candy canes)
Season 9 Episode 9 (umbrellas, outboard motors, tape measures, silver cutlery)
Season 9 Episode 10 (scalpels, bobby helmets (British police helmets), oil paints, ice axes
Season 9 Episode 11 (bacon, snowblowers, luxury cars)
Season 9 Episode 12 (automatic transmissions, silver miniatures, hot air balloon baskets, darts)

CBC Documentaries
Discovery Channel: Daily Planet

external image remarkable_forest.preview.jpg
lesson 1: What is a tree?
-Tree Web (what is a tree, parts of a tree, the forest, classifications, nutrient cycles/food chains)
-Trees and Forests title page
-words for "Word Wall"
Introduction Video to Trees 15 min.
Separated into 9 segments.
Discovery Education: Natural Phenomena: Trees: The Oldest and Biggest Living Things

lesson 2: Trees and Nutrient Cycles
"Do Trees Interact With Other Living Things?" print-out
"The Nutrient Cycle" diagram
Task: Sort the Cycle
Activity: Create your own food chain: include producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, decomposers

Discovery Education: Food Chains and Food Webs
Discovery Education: Producers, Consumers and Decomposers

What lives in this tree? (matching game)

lesson 3: Fungus, Lichens and Conks
Fungus: pictures and definition
Discovery Education: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Fungi
Lichen: pictures and definition
Discovery Education: Lichen
Conks: pictures and definition
"Rotten Log Organisms" sheet - things to look for on a rotting log
Rotten Log Organism assignment

lesson 4: Parts of a Tree

Anatomy of tree trunk
"What is a Tree?" diagram
tree layers booklet
trees and plants - differences, similarities
notes for highlighting (tamarack, catkins)
Why do the leaves change color?
Discovery Education: Leaves
Parts of a leaf
Label your Leaf: Activity

lesson 5: Leaf Classification
Notes: Why do the leaves change color?
Coniferous/Deciduous trees: quick preview
Masters 12-16
Leaf Types: Simple, Compound, Double Compound, Needle
Leaf Shapes: Linear, Oblong, Oval, Ovate, Cordate (heart-shaped), Lobed, Deltoid (triangular), Orbicular (round), 4 Sided Needle, Flattened Needle

A Walk in the Woods review

Quiz 1

lesson 6: Introduction to a Forest
Forest Habitats: Discovery Education (04:24)
Forest Layers (Kids Love 2 Learn)
-Trees and Forests Web and Sticky Note Competition (recreation, quality of life, habitat, types of organisms, types of trees, economy)
-Past, Present, Future use
-Forest Pictures

lesson 7: Levels of a Forest
4 levels of a forest: notes and diagram
Master #3 Levels of the Forest
Group Project: Forest Levels and Organisms

lesson 8: Nutrient Cycles (Nutrient Tag?)

lesson 9: Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide Cycles in the Forests
Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen Cycle: notes and diagram
lesson 10: Leafs and Photosynthesis
(Will be done with lesson 9)
diagrams of O2/CO2 cycle, leaf and photosynthesis

lesson 11: Trees and the Water Cycle
Discovery Education: The Water Cycle: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Runoff (02:37)
Discovery Education: Evaporation, Transpiration, and Sublimation (02:17)

Water Cycle - animated diagram
Water Cycle Handout

lesson 12: Deciduous and Coniferous Trees

lesson 13: Tree Bark and Branching Patterns/Tree Shapes
leaf scars, leaf buds, lenticels
tree shapes, branching patterns
bark patterns, branching patterns
-Assignment: identify 2 coniferous and 2 deciduous trees, use notes on leaf classification, tree bark, branching patterns, tree shapes (ppt assignment)

lesson 14: Tree Species
-Assignment: identify 2 coniferous and 2 deciduous trees, use notes on leaf classification, tree bark, branching patterns, tree shapes (ppt assignment)
-Name of Species and if C/D, tree shape, bark: color, texture, pattern, branching pattern, leaf shape/arrangement, fruit/flowers/cones

lesson 15: Life of a Tree
-tree cookie examples
-tree cookie pictures
-Master 26, 27a
(Master 27)
-2learn.ca Tree Game (6 conditions that affect a tree's growth - notes)

lesson 16: Forests and Humans
-effects that enhance and threaten trees in the forest (table)

-effects of nature on the forest, effects of humans on the forest (pictures)

lesson 17: Humans and Forests

lesson 18: Trees and Forests: Issues
-Current Events: Greenpeace questions rainforest project (Oct. 15, 2009)
-Current Events: Potential grows for biomass energy (Oct. 20, 2009)
-Current Events: Destruction of Kenya's forest feeds deadly drought (Oct. 19, 2009)
-Current Events: Growth in mountain biking may put western trails off limits(Oct. 10, 2009)

lesson 19: Research Project
lesson 20: Review

Unit Exam

external image d37294-6.jpg

Principles of Aeronautics - Beginner

lesson 1: What is Air?
-Earth's Atmosphere (Air exists and it is not nothing)
-Earth's atmosphere (08:03) Discovery Education
-Word Wall words

-Junkyard Wards: Air Movers (56:00)

lesson 2: Air is Everywhere

-Air is everywhere experiment

-Diving paper experiment
-Air takes up space
-Air Gun (07:41) Disc. Ed

lesson 3: The Weight of Air
-A-Weigh We Go student lab

-ruler activity
-index card activity
-balloon lab
Air and Barometric Pressure Disc. Ed (02:39)
Air Pressure Disc. Ed (02:02)

hot and cold air activity
Earth's atmosphere: conditions of high altitude Disc. Ed(04:47)
Blimps and Air Ships Disc. Ed (Bill Nye) (04:56)

lesson 4: Air Pressure
-Test Your Strength Experiment
-Draw Straws 4 student experiment
-Air Has Weight: Ahh the Pressure!
The Highest Parachute Jump Ever NYTimes (01:24)
-Discovery Education: Altitude, Air Density, Effects on the Human Body (03:08)

lesson 5: Power of Compressed Air
-Air lift: book competition
-Air-powered rocket competition
Gas and Pressure Disc. Ed. (06:38)

lesson 6: Crushing Air
-Crushing a bottle with hot air

lesson 7: Speed and Air Pressure
-Let it Shine: candle activity
-Lab: Blowing in the Wind
-YouTube: F-14 breaking the sound barrier (00:21)
-YouTube: Sonic Boom (02:31)
-YouTube: Sonic BOOM! (00:20)
-YouTube: Figher Jet video (03:46)
-YouTube: FA-18 Super Hornet for RAAF (05:55)
-Activity: Blowing in the Wind
Disc. Ed: Feathers (02:15)
Disc. Ed: Birds: Nature's blueprint for flight (01:18)
YouTube: Billy Nye: Talkin Bout Birds (01:38)

lesson 8: Bernoulli, What Holds an Airplane Up?
-What holds and airplane up? read explanation and draw diagrams
-Air in Motion: Aerodynamics! - Fill in the blanks
-YouTube: Aerodynamic Forces (01:50)
-Air:Interactive Quiz
-Thrill of Flight - Bernoulli (Alberta Learning)
-Wonderville activity birds in flight
-forces of flight activity
-Strip of paper activity

lesson 9: Flying Things
YouTube: how birds fly (09:26)
YouTube: bee wings time warp
YouTube: flying squirrels
YouTube: fruit bat gathering
HowStuffWorks: flying cars
HowStuffWorks: space shuttle
JunkyardWars: gliders (23:16)
YouTube: Hang gliding in Oceanside, Oregon
YouTube: Hang glider launch from cliff (00:14)
-Master #8 Flying Things
-Research project on flying animal

lesson 10: Animal Adaptations for Flight and Aerodynamics - Research project

lesson 11: Air and Technology - Research project

-Junkyard Wards: Air Movers (56:00)

lesson 12: Review
youtube Bernoulli's principle (02:15)
discovery ed (four forces of flight: lift, drag, thrust, gravity) first 3 segments

Unit Exam

external image stealth-aircraft-flying-in-formation1.jpg
Understanding Flight Disc. Ed (1 hour)

lesson 1: Parachutes
-Notes on parachutes: need highlighter
-Parachutes: fill in the blanks
-Parachute diagram and pictures
-Video Clip YouTube: HALO (High Altitude Low Opening) Parachute Jump (US Military) (01:00)
-Video Clip YouTube: Extreme Skydiving (01:18)
-Video Clip YouTube: 400 Way Skydiving World Record - Official Video (06:01) (Watch first 4 min)
-Task: Parachute Questions (SAM)
-Task: Chute Tests (SAM) (students design parachute, then build) OR use "Parachute test" sheet from parachute section
-OR Activity: Take it to the Limits (Ed. Pub.) and Master #3
disc ed (last 3 segments: helicopters, pitch yaw roll)

lesson 2: Hot Air Balloons
-Hot Air Ballon Lift-Off (4 pic. diagram)
-Hot Air Ballon diagram and pictures
-Video Clip Disc. Ed: Hot Air Balloon (05:55)
-Video Clip Disc. Ed: Balloon Festival, Alberquerque (01:00)
-Video Clip YouTube: Reno Balloon Race (01:10)
Bill Nye - Blimps and Airships Disc. Ed (04:56)
-Hindenburg info and pics
How do things fly? (click on a picture of a flying thing and see how it flies)
-Science 6 Flight information and questions

lesson 3: Gliders
-Science 6 Flight notes on paper gliders
-Glider diagram and pictures
-Video Clip (04:54) Disc. Ed: NASA at 50: 1961: Flexible wing design used for gliders
-Video Clip (02:47) Disc. Ed: Example 2: Information and Probability - Gliders
-The Point-Nosed Glider (making a simple glider) Master #6
-Paper Glider Activity Lab
-Constructing the three variations of gliders (?)

lesson 4: Parts on an Airplane
The Thrill of Flight
-Controlling an Aircraft fill in the blank
-Parts of a Plane sheet
-Label the major components of this aircraft
-Video Clip How Do Airplanes Work? Disc. Ed. (02:42)
-Master #7a, 7b: Three basic movements of an airplane
-Controlling Yaw, Pitch, Roll: paper folding activities
-Task: Aircraft Components
-Task: Airplane Control Surface

lesson 5: Helicopters
-Helicopter diagram and pictures
-Video Clip Disc.Ed. Helicopters (04:50)
-How helicopters work notes sheet
-Activity: Flying Rabbits p. 30 Ed. Pub., Master #9, #10

Bill Nye Helicopters 04:50 Disc Ed

lesson 6: Rockets
-Rocket diagram and pictures
-Rockets (05:59) Disc. Ed
-NASA at 50: 1972: Nixon Authorizes Space Shuttle Program (04:57) Disc. Ed
-Bill Nye: Rockets and Space Shuttle (07:58) Disc. Ed
When We Left Earth NASA Mission Video download Disc. Ed. (48 min)
-Rockets, Going into Space, Going into Orbit, Satellites, Space Shuttle, Returning from Space: work booklet
-Label Parts of Rocket sheet
-Task: Designing Ways

-Disc.Ed Lift-Off Into Space (05:59)

lesson 7: The First Pilots and Aviators
-Famous Aviators worksheets: The Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart
Wright Brothers (07:40) Disc. Ed
Charles Lindbergh (05:40) Disc. Ed
Amelia Earhart (05:25) Disc. Ed
Bill Nye - Airplanes (06:07) Disc. Ed
[[#mce_temp_url#|The Wright Brothers pics]]
Charles Lindbergh pics
Amelia Earhart pics
-Notes on each pilot
-Famous Early Pilots Quiz

Daily Planet in the Classroom: Planes (download)- 1 hr

lesson 8: Research on a specific aircraft (i.e., Lindenberg, Boeing 707, etc.)

Unit Exam

external image space-06.jpg
lesson 1: Intro to Sky Science
Earth Science: Space Exploration (20:00)
Sky Science Acrostics
Word Wall
Journey to the Edge of the Universe (Discovery Channel)

lesson 2: Stars
Stars notes: types I - IV, black hole, white dwarf stars, red stars, yellow stars
Star Name Chart - online
Astrology and the constellations (just for fun)

Browse websites HubbleSite: Out of the ordinary...out of this world!, Sky Science, NASA for Students
Light Travels (02:26)
You Tube How far is a light year (05:00)
Star Light, Star Bright questions, How Are Stars Different?: label 4 types
Master 2a - 2f constellations
Activity - Shining Students Role Play
Evening Star Map to take home
Galaxies and Constellations notes sheet
Galaxies: Collections of Stars (01:38)
Comets (01:30)
International Space Station (02:00
The Universe and the Stuff in it (notes)
The Tale of Comets (notes)
Video Quiz sheets (magnitudes of stars)
p. 10 star magnitudes
p. 18-21 our 15 stars of 1st magnitude

lesson 3: Moons
Starlight-Moonlight collage
KWL with partner
The Moon: Earth's Rocky Sidekick
Master #15 the phases of the moon
wonderville moon phases
Moonlight Madness: match the phases of the moon up correctly!
moon phases collage
flip book of moon phases
big dipper monthly orientation

lesson 4: Sun
The Sun: That's Hot! highlight and add subtitles for summarization
United Streaming: The power of the sun (05:15), The source of the sun's energy (02:44), What is the sun made of? (02:13), The formation of the sun and our solar system (03:39)
Activity: Casting Shadows
Graph: shadow lengths throughout the day
Stanford Solar Center: The Sun - Comparisons (interactive website)
Bill Nye: Clocks, Sundials, Obelisks (08:15)

lesson 5: Seasons
A Year (info sheet)
Activity: Reasons for the Seasons (p. 34) - globe, lamp, plasticine
Equinoxes, Tropic of Cancer, Solstices
Masters #12a, 12b, 12c
Computer Lab Activity: Seasons Questions
BBC: Earth, Sun and Moon online quiz
10 Facts abou the sun sheet

lesson 6: Planets
p. 3 notes: The planets in our solar system are:
Planets Move: Bill Nye (02:27)
Planetary Orbits are Elliptical: Bill Nye (04:16)
Master #20: Solar System Statistics
Solar System detailed notes, each planet
Astro Adventure (Interactive website)
Individual planet research booklets

lesson 7: Mars
Postcards from Mars
Mars video
Weather on Mars (09:27)
"Mars isn't a bad place...why don't we renovate it?" info and questions
Venn Diagram: Earth vs. Mars

Choice Final Project
(All projects must revolve around a specific topic related to sky science, and contain key concepts and ideas pertaining to that topic)
1) Story
2) Poem
3) Parody (accompany tune of a particular song)
4) Chart/Graph
5) Model/Mobile
6) Poster
7) Powerpoint
Note: A report must accompany all presentations in order to provide a comprehensive explaination of the topic and format chosen.
Rubrics for report and project choices will be provided.

NY Times: Space and Cosmos Daily
Beautiful Universe Astronomy Quiz
The Universe in High Def Slide Show
Postcards from Mars
A New Fleet of Spacecraft

external image home_forensics.jpg

lesson 1:
Bill Nye: Forensics
Master #1: Clueless
Fill in the blank
Word Wall
10 or fewer questions
Intro parts of Disc.Ed. Life Science: Forensics (20:00)
Underwater Forensics (including the Titanic) (56:00)

lesson 2:
Activity: What's that for? p. 4
Making predictions and observations
Archimedes and the crown
Activity: What happened here? p. 7
Signs of human and animal activity, evidence, predictions, scenerios, conclusions

lesson 3:
Disc. Ed.: Scene of Violence: Footprints point to predator attack (02:19)
Footprints identified: Small dinosaurs stalked by predator (02:49)
TASKS p. 20-23 Which Shoe?
Activity: Shoe prints in the sand
Compare length, width, wear, stride
Compare forwards, backwards, sideways movements
Compare walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping
Compare depth differences in heels and toes, also when carrying weight
Use Master #2

lesson 4:
What is a scientific investigation? (10:06)
Evidence Processing and Fingerprints Lab (03:26)
fingerprint info page

lesson 5:
Take your measure: foot size vs. height
Which shoe? (comparisons between length, width, wear, stride, heel/toe depth when walking, running, skipping, piggy back)
Activity: Shoe Sorting: Group classification of shoe treads

lesson 6:
Animal Tracks
Observations and inferences (M# 3, 4a, 4b)
Tire Treads
Spacing, depth, shape, design, wear, size, possible damage (M#13)
use wax crayon and paper for 2 samples

lesson 7:
Lifting Latent Prints

lesson 8:
Mystery Dye (Chromatography)

lesson 9: Fabric Forensics

lesson 10: Burn or Melt

lesson 11: Graphologist's Game

lesson 12: Alphabet Analysis

lesson 13: Mystery Writing

lesson 14: Soil Samples

lesson 15: Design a Soil Test

Disc.Ed. Life Science: Forensics (20:00)
Underwater Forensics (including the Titanic) (56:00)
YouTube - Bermuda Triangle: what happened to flight 19? BBC (03:31)
YouTube: Explore the Bermuda Triangle (09:45)

problem solving