external image math.bmp&sa=X&ei=dDMxTa6PBJHQsAOV3-yyBQ&ved=0CAUQ8wc4Cg&usg=AFQjCNHcoh6rOmY2Kn_2uCqtZdbgLmrefQ
Spy Guys
math playground
Input/Output Machine Online
ordering decimals on a clothesline game
Math Playground: Math Millionaire

Glowla's Estimation Contraption
Builder Ted
Guess the Number
Marble Packing
Determining Ratio

Simplifying Fractions
Pizza Slices
Number Pop
Number Line Drop
Fraction Machine - Numerator
Fraction Machine - Denominator
Fraction Grid - Game 1
Fraction Grid - Game 2
Calculating With Fractions
Shopping Spree
The Bewitched River
Mendel's Magic Math Market
Playing With Numbers
Matching Equivalent Fractions - Level 2
Matching Equivalent Fractions - Level 1
Matching Equivalent Fractions - Level 3
Matching Mixed Fractions - Level 1
Matching Mixed Fractions - Level 2
Matching Fractions - Level 1
Matching Fractions - Level 2
Flitting With Fractions
Properties and Ordering
Virtual Manipulatives: Fraction Tiles
Soccer Shootout
What Does a Fraction Look Like
Fractions Matching Game
Fraction Frenzy
Math Playground: Triplets
Math Playground: Decention
Math Playground: Math Millionaire
Math Playground: Percentage Playground
Equivalent Fractions
Posting Letters in the Right Boxes
BBC Bitesize
Comparing Percentages and Fractions
See Fractions Side By Side
Comparing Decimals and Percentages
Slide Puzzle Maths
Frosty Fractions
Equivalent Fractions
Fractions: A booster activity
Fractions, Decimals, & Percentages
Fraction Monkeys
Kids Online Resources: Fraction Tutorial
Mission Magnetite
Virtual Manipulatives: Fractions
The Decifractator

Whole Numbers
Study Jams: Order Whole Numbers
Study Jams: Integers
Playing With Numbers
Place Value to 1000
Bead Numbers
Looking for the Top Quark
Place Value Game
Properties and Ordering
Place Value Shoot Out
Ascending Number Balls - Numerical Order
Under the Sea
Octopus Factors
BBC Bitesize: The Number System
Zeros and Ones
Prime Factor Tree
Particle Maths

Number Operations (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
Animal Rescue - tenths
Animal Rescue - 10s
Beam Me Up - Addition
Interactive 100 Chart
Math Bingo
Add Like Mad
Powerlines Phase 1
Alien Addition
Secret Number
Addition Scale
Math Test
Budgie Buying
Speed Math - Addition and Subtraction
Speed Math - Inequalities
Speed Math Deluxe
Broken Calculator
Math Fact Shoot Out
Math Bingo
Shuttle Launch
Fridge Magnet
Math Mayhem
Math Playground: Number Invaders - Addition and Subtraction
Animal Seesaw
Bracket Basics
Circuit Math
Ambleweb Addition Machine
Are You a Math Magician?
Ambleweb Function Machine
Math Dictionary for Kids
Change Maker
Who Wants to be a Mathonaire?
The Ambleweb Totally Mental Machine!
Build a Bug
Ghost Blasters
Subraction Action
Minus Mission
Island Chase
Multiplication Station
Picnic Multiplication
Tug Team Tractor Multiplication
Multiplication Grand Prix
Space Race Multiplication
Penguin Jump
Meteor Multiplication
Multiply Race
Math Playground: Grand Slam Math
Division Bingo
Division Station
Drag Race Division
Division Derby
Demolition Division
Octopus Factors
Ambleweb Division Machine

Matchstick Sequencing
Ye Olde Knight's Quest
Pirates: Maps and Traps
Oochina on the Farm
Learn Alberta: Place Value
Survey Taking
Invention at Play
The Frog Puzzle
Pattern Player
How Does My Pattern Grow
Create Patterns with ATM Tiles
Patterns and Sequences

Estimating Lengths, Areas, and Angles
Measuring Your Playground
Weigh it Up
Cyberchase: You Fix It
Gut Instinct
Shape and Weight
Platform Scales
Dynamic Paper
Turtle Pond
Skoool Football
Pinky's Bowling

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Air and Aerodynamics
Wonderville: Airborne Experiment
Discover Simulations - The Nature of Matter
The Hobby Shop
Wind With Miller: Wind Activities
Feathers and Flight
Dino-Bird Connection
Hinterland Who's Who: Burrowing Owl
Hinterland Who's Who: Great Horned Owl
Migration Hopscotch
Mission: Migration
Forces of Flight

First Flight
The Thrill of Flight
Pilot the 1903 Flyer
PBS: Microrapter - Wind Tunnel Test
A Matter of Life and Death
Smart Parts
Science Fun With Airplanes
The 1903 Wright Flyer
PBS: Getting Airborne
PBS: Flying Firsts
How Do Things Fly?
Variables (Fossweb)
NASA: Shoot a Cannonball into Orbit
Forces of Flight

Sky Science
The Interactive Universe
The Earth and Beyond: The Sun, The Earth, and The Moon
The Earth and Beyond: Length of a Day
The Earth and Beyond: Explore the Planets
The Earth and Beyond: Phases of the Moon
Our Planets
The Lunar Cycle
Auroras! Mysterious Lights in the Sky
Polar Nights
Wonderville: Phases of the Moon
Discover! Simulations: The Earth in the Universe
Discover! Simulations: The Earth in Space
Comic Quest: Design a Space Station
BBC: Earth, Sun, and Moon
Astro Adventure
Moonlight Madness
Space Trek
What's in Space?
Professor Starr's Dream Trip
Super Cool Space Tools
The First Annual Planet Awards
Lucy's Planet Hunt
The Solar System
Windows to the Universe Interactives
The Interactive Universe
NASA Starchild: The Solar System
Cosmic Bowling
Stanford Solar Center: The Sun
Stanford Solar Center: Colors of the Sun
Examine Earth from a New Perspective
Stationed in the Stars: Free Falling
NASA: Structure of the Earth
Constellation Viewer
Tracking El Nino: Make the Earth's Weather
Flash Earth
Build a Solar System
Solar System Trading Cards
Meet the Universe's Main Attraction: Gravity

Trees and Forests
Forest Walk: Observing Seasonal Changes
Wonderville: Tree Cookies
Ontario Science Centre: Discover Our Rainforest
Discover the Forest
Tree Ring Study: Ecokids
Tree Identification
Dirt Detective: Trees and Soils
Forest Layers
This Old Habitat
A Walk in the Woods
Dr. Arbor Talks Trees

Evidence and Investigation
Crime Scene Creatures Interactive: Determine the Time of Death
Fetch! CSI: Squeak Sneak
Wonderville: The Case of the Kidnapped Cat
Cops and Robbers
Darwin's Footsteps
Prehistoric Climate Change and Why it Matters Today
Youthlink: CSI Kids
LearnAlberta: Cretaceous Crime Scene
The Case of the Warming Planet
Secrets@SeaKid's Wing: All about owl pellets, dissection
Parts of a Microscope
CIA Aerial Analysis Challenge
CIA Photo Analysis Challenge

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Social Studies Websites