Art 6
Lesson: Shading
-Where is the light?
-Make a sphere
-try your own

Lesson: Line, Value, Pattern
-Crosshatching, Stippling, Line
-Bad Hair Day Project

Lesson: Balance, Repetition, Variety, Overlap
-using markers to create value
-ABC project

Lesson: Profiles, Hieroglyphics, Patterns
-What are the dimensions of the face? How do I draw a profile?
-Egyptian Profile project

Lesson: Watercolor
-Draw out your silhouettes with black sharpie, then paint your sky!
-Watercolor Sky project

Lesson: Famous Portraits
-be the person in the famous portrait!
-Famous Portraits project

Lesson: Complimentary Colors
-Watercolor Complimentary Colors project

Lesson: Abstracted Pumpkins
-Abstracted Pumpkins project

Lesson: Falling for Foreshortening
-Foreshortening project

Lesson: Reflections
-Reflections project

Lesson: Tornado Collage
-Tornado Collage project

Lesson: Halloween Art
-Halloween projects

Lesson: Halloween Window Watercolor

Lesson: Magazine Faces (mixed media)

Lesson: Half Portrait

Lesson: Bug

Lesson: Black Square (using exacto knife)

Lesson: Room Watercolor

Lesson: Foot Perspective

Projects so far...

1) Colored hand mosaic

2) Contour drawing

3) Gridded drawing skills

4) 1 point and 2 point perspective

5) Tracing paper

6) Paper mosaic

7) Pop-up tunnel art

8) Hemp or peace bracelets