Welcome to Art 10

Art 10 Course Outline
Alberta Education, Programs of Study: Art 10-20-30

What is Art?
Art involves the learning of a new language. Values important to ourselves and the society we live in are mirrored in our work. We learn tolerance by studying about other artists and their beliefs. Successful art almost always involves hard work and perserverance as well as an understanding of the elements and techniques of art.
Studying art makes us more aware of our surroundings, sharpens our senses, improves coordination and fosters self confidence. Art allows us freedom to creatively express ourselves and the experiences that formed us.

-Alberta Education

This year in Art 10 we will completing units in the areas of drawing, painting and mixed media. Our first unit, Drawing, will include contour/blind contour, value, shading, perspective, charcoal, landscape drawing, analyzing art, expressive drawing, modelled drawing and foreshortening, cartooning and calligraphy. After our drawing unit we will move on into our Painting unit in which we will research and complete projects in the areas of acrylic, color theory, surrealism, watercolor, landscape painting and portrait painting. Our final unit will be Mixed Media and will include printmaking, collage, weaving and sculpture.

lesson 1: Contour/Blind Contour Drawing
Contour/Blind Contour Drawing definitions and examples

lesson 2: Grid Art
Grid Art definition and examples

lesson 3: Shading

lesson 4: Drawing Techniques

lesson 5: One and Two Point Perspective
One and Two Point Perspective definition and examples

lesson 6: Acrylic Paint/Color Wheel
Color Wheel

lesson 7: Acrylic Project

lesson 8: Water Color

lesson 9: Printmaking

lesson 10: Mixed Media Self Portrait

lesson 11: Cut Paper Light-Capturing Project

lesson 12: 3D Tunnel Perspective Project

lesson 13: Graffiti Project

lesson 14: Image Transfer/Spray Paint Project