ART 10– COURSE OUTLINE – 2009/2010

TEACHER: Mrs. Heath
PERIODS: Semester 1 (only): Period 1 Mon-Fri (8:45 – 9:55)
Period 4 Mondays (1:07 – 2:17)



Art education is concerned with the organization of visual material. A primary reliance upon visual experience gives an emphasis that sets it apart from the performing arts. Acquiring proficiency in art requires systematic instruction in how we see, interpret and make sense of visual stimuli. It requires an understanding of how others interpret the visual messages which are products of this kind of activity. It requires an education in the use of traditional and contemporary tools, materials and media.
Art education is concerned with having individuals think and behave as artists. For the purposes of art education, the term “artist” is equally valid to describe one who has worked for a lifetime or someone who is a relative beginner. Ultimately, art is accessible to all individuals. Its practice results in changing the individual, in changing the relationship among individuals, or in changing the social/physical environment.


Art 10 is concerned with having students see themselves as artists; therefore, this course is primarily concerned with the production of art. Students are asked to work in both 2 and 3 dimensional formats using a variety of media. Through the creation of art, students will learn about elements and principles of art: line, texture, color, value/tone, shape and space as well as balance, variety, depth, and unity1.


September – mid-October
Drawing Unit: Contour/Blind Contour, Value, Shading, Perspective, Charcoal, Landscape Drawing, Analyzing Art, Expressive Drawing, Modelled Drawing and Foreshortening, Cartooning, Calligraphy, Sketchbook
mid-October—early December
Painting Unit: Acrylic, Color Theory, Surrealism, Watercolor, Landscape Painting, Portrait Painting, Sketchbook
early December—January
Mixed Media Unit: Printmaking, Collage, Weaving, Sculpture, Sketchbook, Final Project

*Note that this timeline is approximate, and there may be some overlap. There may also be an issue with getting to every segment of each unit, due to the specific time-frame, as this is a one semester course only.


Art history and theory will be studied as it is related to studio and sketchbook assignments; however, the emphasis in this class is studio work rather than theory. Your final grade reflects the effort you put into your studio projects and sketchbook assignments2. You must keep your work up to date and hand in projects on time. You will not get a higher grade because you are naturally a better drawer than the next person—marks will reflect time, work, and effort put into the project.

Sketchbooks – Sketchbooks will be continually and randomly evaluated throughout the entire length of the course. This is where you will keep a combination of your sketchbook assignments, practice drawings, examples, and research notes. You must bring your sketchbook with you to each class, or leave it in a teacher-approved designated area in the classroom so you will have it for each class. You will use it if you are finished a project early and you may also want to keep it for future projects—you will have put a lot of valuable information and artwork into it.

Assignments must be submitted on time. You will know beforehand when each project will be due. Each student will begin the course with 100%. Late and incomplete assignments will expectedly bring this 100% down, as will carelessly completed assignments. Each incomplete assignment will result in 5% taken off of the final mark.

This course is a 5 credit course. Failure to receive the 5 credits for this course will result in you having to take another 5 credit course to make up for it, consequently pulling you further away from your graduation requirements.


Units: Drawing, Painting, Mixed Media (including sculpture)

The final grade in this course will be based on:

Studio Projects 80%
Sketchbook 20%

Teacher Contact:

If extra help is needed after class, I will be available during most lunch hours (when I’m not on supervision) and after school to work with students. If any parents would like to contact me with questions, feel free to call me at the school: 403-647-3665. I also have a webpage in which I keep all of my class info, lesson, course outlines, etc., for each of my classes. Feel free to visit at anytime: